Spartans Baseball - Parents and Boosters

Here you will find important information regarding our program and fundraising. All forms are downloadable using Adobe Acrobat (.pdf viewer)

Banner Layout Instructions


1) Make the file 24"x12" (so it will be proportion to enlarge to the size: 10ft x 5ft)

2) Use the attached pdf template background


3) Just in case you need the color percentage in CYMK - C: 94, Y: 29, M: 90, B: 16

4) Send completed design via PDF file logo not JPEG or PNG

   (if they only have JPEG or PNG, please explain to them that when you enlarge the logo to the

    size of the banner, it will be blurry or pixelated, but they should be look OK if you looking from       

    the distance)


5) Please put South High Baseball Banners - Company Name on subject line, when emailing,

send final designs to banner company